Transforming Reality Through Light Design

Welcome! My name is Dylan Toymaker and I am a light design and installation artist currently residing in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada!). I began my artistic career in Craft, unexpectedly, while receiving a BA in Anthropology. Early experience working internationally in Craft production in places such as Toronto, Vancouver, Tucson, New Orleans and New York, lead me down a long and winding road to my real passion: light design!
And here we are.

I enjoy spending my days creating fully immersive situations with community and event-based art. Placemaking and way-finding are my focus, including monumental structures and lantern systems. I create and curate art for the Flying Canoe Volant festival, and design and build lantern installations for a variety of Alberta festivals, including the Edmonton Folk Music Festival and the Jasper Dark Sky Festival.

All of my designs are original art and my inspiration comes from almost anywhere including exploring concepts of Dutch folk art, the Renaissance, mandalas, spores and wallpaper! Yes, sometimes I simply sit and stare at wallpaper. Voila! The creative process at its finest.

Through my Etsy shop, I welcome you to find the perfect piece to add a unique sense of style, joy, and play into your nights at home! If you are interested in a larger scale project, please reach out to me to discuss details.

Thank you for stopping by!
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