Seven Leaf Spiral - Topaz Outdoor Lantern


Shipping to United States: $15.97

The Seven Leaf Spiral is a play on growth ratios and rotational symmetry. As with the Four Leaf Spiral design, it was inspired by my interest in and exploration of spiral mandalas.

This hanging lantern downlights its unique design onto ground surfaces, painting vibrant colour patterns over your porch, patio, gazebo, lawn, etc. They are designed for outdoor use during all seasons. These lanterns project their patterns especially beautifully in the winter over newly fallen snow.

All laser cut patterns are original artistic designs and all lanterns are individually custom built by the artist, Dylan Toymaker.

Technical Specifications:
• CNC waterjet cut out of flame-tinted and clear-coated 3/8" pine plywood.
• Custom built LED luminaire (colours depends on colour scheme chosen)
• Three-prong plug for North American AC standard outlets
• Designed for outdoor use in all seasons
• This Lantern ships flat, and is assembled with a relatively simple string system

Available LED colour schemes include:

Mixed White - ww/cw/y = warm white, cool white, yellow
Flame - r/y/ww = red, yellow, warm white
Cool Ocean - g/b/cw = green, blue, cool white
Spring - g/y/ww = green, yellow, warm white
Earth - g/y/r = green, yellow, red
Cyanadelic - b/pi/c = blue, pink, cyan
Space Funk - b/pi/r = blue, pink, red
Vaporwave - c/pi/w = cyan/pink/white
Mix Green - c/li/y = cyan/lime/yellow

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