Fire Fern Damask - DropPrism Lantern


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The Fire Fern Damask pattern is the result of endless creative hours spent staring at wallpaper... damask patterns, to be specific. This elegant pattern will add a touch of psychedelic class to any environment.

This hanging lantern beautifully uplights its unique pattern onto your ceiling and upper wall space. A 4-way pull switch on the bottom lets you select either one preset colour, 2 preset colours, all 3 colours, or off (preset colours depend on colour scheme chosen).

All laser cut patterns are original artistic designs and all lanterns are individually custom built by the artist, Dylan Toymaker.

Technical Specifications:
• Sideways cube that fits in a 6"x6"x6" box
• Laser cut birchwood panels
• Custom built LED luminaire
• Included DC power supply
• 4-way pull switch
• These lanterns are meant for indoor use
• With a simple cable adapter, this lantern can be run directly off of a 12Vdc system, such as an off-grid house or car/RV battery

Available LED colour schemes include:

Mixed White - ww/cw/y = warm white, cool white, yellow
Flame - r/y/ww = red, yellow, warm white
Cool Ocean - g/b/cw = green, blue, cool white
Spring - g/y/ww = green, yellow, warm white
Earth - g/y/r = green, yellow, red
Cyanadelic - b/pi/c = blue, pink, cyan
Space Funk - b/pi/r = blue, pink, red
Vaporwave - c/pi/w = cyan/pink/white
Mix Green - c/li/y = cyan/lime/yellow

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Beautiful craftsmanship. The LEDs are bright, having the patterns on my ceiling adds such a rich and wonderful texture, completely changes the feel of the room.

A+++ lighting, great for any bedroom. Dylan Toymaker is an absolute genius and if we were in prison together I'd protect him in the shower.

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